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  • the meaning of the 6 basic principles of the Pyramid of training
  • that baby steps bring enormous results
  • that consistency is key
  • how to keep your horse happy and healthy while progressing in the training
  • that he or she is part of the complete team around your horse

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About me

I am a Dutch certified dressage trainer, rider and judge. 

I recently (2019) moved to the Atlanta Area in the USA. 

My goal is to make you understand the basic philosophies of dressage, enabling you to work successfully with your own horse. Emphasizing an environment conducive to learning classical dressage and good horsemanship.

I spent years of training with the top International/ Olympic riders in the Netherlands:

Olympic coach Alex van Silfhout, multiple Olympic gold winners Anky van Grunsven and Adelinde Cornelissen, Coby van Baalen, Bert Rutten and Johan Hamminga. They all taught me in their own specific ways how to be a better rider and trainer. 

All my trainers had one goal in mind: 

Keep the horse a happy athlete during his career as a sport horse.

As an experienced judge I know what you need to show during a test. I also know as a trainer that your training goes beyond the blue ribbons. We must work on a balanced and realistic plan to be able to reach your specific goals. Whether those goals are small, like schooling or gaining confidence back, or big, like winning your gold medal, it all comes down to one thing:

Consistency in training and defining realistic goals.

If you don't mind my funny Dutch accent or sometimes having to listen to me using the wrong English words, and if you would like to have someone around who walks the extra mile for you and your team, then call or email me!

Your first lesson is always on me!

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What students say:

" For many years I have enjoyed weekly lessons at Mireille's farm. She was able to convey the passion and knowledge of dressage to me through her own high-level competition experience. 

I started with my horse as an inexperienced combination. Thanks to Mireille's enthusiasm, drive, patience and positive critical eye, she was able to turn us into an ambitious competition combination. 

Mireille has an open attitude during her lessons and is very involved in the combination. She puts the welfare of the horse first and teaches the rider to ride in a friendly way. 

In addition, I enjoyed the fact that after the lesson I was given targeted learning goals that I could work with the rest of the week."

P. Berben (NL)

Mireille has been working miracles for me and my horse, improving our dressage scores drastically in only one month and a half! She taught me so much, from getting softer in my hands to getting my transitions on point, and from getting more energy to getting our halts close to perfect! 

Mireille is an amazing trainer because she is so patient, has so many different ways to teach other concepts, can explain things so easily, and make dressage be such a fun thing to do. She is also a very fun person to learn from and never gives up on anything before you know what you are doing better than you did before. 

Mireille will add what ever is needed to your lesson, even if it means adding jumps, trot and canter poles, to help with stretching and getting different striding. 

We are eventers and went from a 35 dressage score to a 23.6! 

She is such a great person to work with and her attitude towards every mistake I make is so amazing because she will continue to work with you and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve a better understanding of what you are doing and how to do it.

I love that she always has an open mind at every lesson and at the end, she give you some goals to work towards when you are not working with her and you are riding by yourself. At the next lesson, she will always ask me if I worked on what she set as the goal and ask me to show how we’ve improved. She has a very nice critical eye and it always helps because she catches things that other trainers probably wouldn’t think of so much. She also catches minor things so you can work on them further.

In addition, I love that she has such a passion for horses and will teach you so much about horsemanship so in case anything happens you are prepared and know what to do. 

Also, she helped us qualify for the American Eventing Championships this year! 

She is truly someone very special to work with and i enjoy working with her so much!

L. wichert (USA)

“There is one key thing you and your dressage trainer must do: keep your horse a Happy Athlete.”

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